Putting things Str8 – #Agiles2009 and Roy Singham

I’m back to São Paulo from Ágiles 2009. That was a nice event and I’ll blog about it soon. I’m writing this post just to clarify some things I wrote on my Twitter during the event, specially about Roy Singham’s Keynote on Thursday. Here are the facts:

1. The Scrum user Worms:

Roy’s speech was (correctly) criticizing a lot people that look for Agile project management practices from Scrum and don’t use the engineering practices from XP. No big deal on this, lots of influent people say the same. I twitted this:

Roy Singham from ThoughtWorks “Worms are those who do Scrum and don’t do XP. #outstanding http://bit.ly/curso_xp – inscreva-se.

http://twitter.com/rodrigoy/status/4717474432 (note that I’m marketing my XP course on this)

The fact is that Roy was joking on that slide, just like me. Unfortunately non-portuguese speakers don’t get it. That was just a joke, no offense to plain Scrum users (but you should really study and apply XP).

2. The Scrum Certification polemic

@rodrigoy: Roy Singham said this loud: “ThoughtWorks SAY NO TO Scrum Master Certification” (I know you CSM won’t RT this) #Ágiles2009


On this post 2 significant things happened: 1st – Roy was talking about CSD; In fact I misunderstood and also typed it wrong, just take that “Master” out of the twitt and it will be more accurate to what Roy was saying. Joshua corrected my mistake anyway.

The other significant thing is that Ola Bini (ThoughtWorker and very influent/famous programmer) RT my post. That was a surprise for me (he doesn’t follow me). How would I know that? Ola just boosted my twitt all over and other influent people here in Brazil and worldwide also retwiited. That typing mistake spread like a plague over Twitter. My fault. Sorry.

I just blog this to put things straight. It really wasn’t my intention all this noise worldwide. Roy and I became friends on this event, so I don’t want to put inaccurate words on his mouth that hurts your feelings. Roy’s positions on many subjects are tough just like me.

You feel free to twitt this blog post. This is the short link: http://bit.ly/rodrigoy_singham_csm

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  • AFAIK Roy is not in very good friends with the CSM program either…

  • I saw your tweet via Ola and smiled to myself as I was preseneting at JAOO in Denmark at the time and a lot of similar conversations were being had. A few of the presentations openly criticised CSM and others promoted it.

    I sat next to a very senior CSM trainer at the speakers dinner and his argument in support of the training was that ‘if they didn’t do it someone (less trustworthy) would’. Let the debate continue….


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